Welcome to Shree Ashapura Moulds!
Welcome to Shree Ashapura Moulds!

About Us


Welcome to Shree Ashapura Moulds!

Shree Ashapura Moulds, a leading name from Ahmedabad, Gujarat in the PET Preform mould, Cap mould, Blow mould and other Household mould’s industry is an established, credible, and preferred Indian supplier of high precision PET PREFORM MOULD.  Since its establishment in 2005, over the years, Ashapura Moulds has earned a reputation and has installed more than 1500+ moulds across the globe.

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Our Products

We offer a wide range of products including PET Preform Moulds, Jar Preform Moulds, Bottle Blow Mould, Cap Moulds and othe moulds for PET articles


PET Preform Moulds

Preform mould necks starting from 15 neck including 18, 19, 25, 28, 30, 32, 33,36 neck diameters fall under this category of Preform range which are high valued in the applications of waterlines, oils, Liquor, Chemicals, Argo, Automobiles, Medical & Pharmaceuticals, etc.

Ashapura moulds has manufactured more than 800 units of short neck preforms; covering all standard and non-standard necks diameters in ROPP, ALASKA, PCO, etc. fulfilling the customers worldwide. over two decades of experience in R&D, Concepts of preform threads, and their thickness at walls and the thickness at their bottom concurrently, are designed precisely to change their orientations, weights, uniform filling in multi cavities accordingly.


Jar Preform Mould

Ashapura moulds has tremendous experience in manufacturing Jar PET PREFORM MOLDS starting from 38mm neck to 142mm necks in different orientations and weights to meet every customer and their applications all around the world.Fast cycle time of our molds is what make us stand out of the Mold Makers.Ashapura moulds became one of the sophisticated manufacturing industry in terms of technology and precision mold manufacturing and
delivering them with our best service on time.

Plastic Packaging has become an essential to the world and the global trend has emerged to produce Hi-Tech & sophisticated plastic packaging.PET (Poly Ethylene Terephthalate) has recorded the fastest growth rate in the Plastics Market and this is evident from the revolution witnessed in the fields of mineral water, beverages, edible oil, detergents etc. where plastic bottles made from PET.Today, the food and beverages industry is increasingly using PET to replace glass and other materials

Our wide range of Jars Molds in PET PREFORM MOULD start from 36 mm size of neck diameter including 38,43, 45, 46, 53, 58, 63, 73, 83, 86, 96, 120, 142, 150 mm making a record of supplying all possible non-standard necks to possible extent with varying weights


Moulds for Other PET Household Products

Ashapura moulds has a good team of Product Designing Engineers(PDE) making anything happen. Design at Ashapura moulds is strong box, using revere engineering, latest CAD/CAM application interface and product study in detail. Ashapura moulds offers the complete range of
preforms with different designs of shapes and sizes by Experienced professionals
and use of Innovative technology to Produce precision Molds

so we have now introduced PET moulds for other household products that includes PET Glasses, PET bowls, PET containers, PET Caps, PET soap holders and any more other PET products

Why Choose Us?



  1. Work with the client to determine the best course of action.
  2. Determine the timeline, budget, and desired outcome.
  3. Create prototypes with the client to help decide on the final design.


A team of Product Designing Engineers(PDE) making anything
happen.  Flow rates, type of fillings, mismatching’s, viscosity, pressure drops, alignments, ejectors, type of mold cooling’s, mold flow, runner sizing techniques, venting, shot weights, preform grammage, size, machine capacity, estimations, hydraulic cycles, are all common areas of
our R&D.


Having top-quality infrastructure including machines, offices, and an employee-friendly workplace is almost a necessity in this business. With that motto, always invest in top-notch machines and a well-built manufacturing plant.


We provide very effective long-term after-sales service. We believe in 100% client satisfaction. Our clients can contact our team anytime after the mould delivery for any kinds of service related to the mould.

We have over
Happy Customers
Years of Experience

We are equipped with the best design & development facility, quality machine tools, and inspection equipment for providing consistent performance as per the customer requirements at a very competitive price.

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Video Presentation

This video presentation demonstrates the working of our mould and also the final end-product that is received after utilization of the moulds.


Ashapura moulds for precision manufacturing and expertized staff and employees in various departments like Q.C, assembly, polishing, CNC Machining divisions, Designing, Production, Q.C, Marketing, Administration, Accounting, Maintenance & Services, etc. With eminent maintenance of the tool room over the past 2 decades, the process of manufacturing and the work flow at Ashapura moulds reaches all the process parameters precisely. Every subassembly and large assemblies at Ashapura Moulds is passed and tested under high quality environment at different stages of manufacturing. Tool room evoke a high-performance output, consisting almost 99.9% of company’s requirement